10 Tasks You Can Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant For

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10 Tasks You Can Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant For

Being on social media is the norm of online marketing today. It’s great for building relationships while marketing your business covertly. However, it requires time and effort. That’s why most businesses today bring a social media virtual assistant (VA) on their team. 


If you’re looking to do the same, check out these 10 tasks you can outsource to a social media VA for some ideas:

1. Setup your social media profiles

Your social media VA can suggest you the best platforms for your business by analyzing the nature of your business and your target customers.

They can also create your profile for you, including your important business details such as your address, contact details, open hours, and services or products offered.

2. Create or improve your social media strategy

If you’re looking to leverage social media more into your business, running it over with your social media VA can do you wonders. 

This helps your assistant understand your current social media standing. Do you have the right objectives? If yes, are you achieving it within your expected timeframe? If no, is there something you need to improve or change with your strategy?

3. Create and curate content

Your social media VA can handle the most time-consuming yet important part of your social media marketing: creating content.


They can brainstorm and create content fit for your audience, such as quotes, infographics, daily tips, blog links, and short videos. They can also curate relevant content from influencers and well-known brands for you. 

4. Write social media copy for your posts or ads

Social media VAs are also blessed with copywriting skills. They know how to make people excited and crave your content and/or the product(s)/service(s) you offer. That’s why businesses run to them for help with writing social media posts and ad copy. 

5. Schedule your posts and other content

A social media VA is well-versed on scheduling apps like Buffer, Hootsuite, Later, and more. They also know which time works best for your posts on your chosen platform.

6. Monitor trends related to your business


In social media, it pays to be updated with the latest trends and news in your niche can participate. Your social media VA can keep track of these trends for you. They can also participate in these discussions on your behalf or create content based on these trends.

7. Increase social media engagement

As long as you educate your VA on your brand guidelines, they can stir and maintain conversations the way you would.

8. Monitor your campaigns and analyze results

Your VA can monitor your campaign performance to ensure your expected results are achieved. And if something unexpected happens, they can also notify you immediately and suggest ways on how to deal with the situation.

9. Manage your influencer marketing strategy

If you’re looking to leverage influencer marketing to your business, a social media VA can research and reach out to potential influencers for your next marketing campaign on your behalf.

10. Compile reports


Your social media assistant can compile reports of your campaign results and your overall social media performance. The data from these reports are what you’ll need to further improve your social media marketing and your brand image in general. You can also consult them for their insights and suggestions regarding these data. 

Ready to hire a social media expert? Check this guide to get started!

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