6 More Tasks You Can Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant For

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6 More Tasks You Can Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant For

This is part 2 of 10 Tasks You Can Hire a Social Media Virtual Assistant For. Jump here to read the first part.

It’s already a well-known fact that getting on social media is an imperative strategy to grow your business in terms of sales and brand loyalty. And, like any digital marketing strategy, harvesting the profits of social media requires a complex structuring of ideas and data into working strategies partnered with dedicated time and resources.

To reap the benefits of social media marketing while using your available resources wisely, you need a social media virtual assistant on your team. They can help you expand your social media prowess to 110%, thanks to their knowledge and expertise of the different platforms available online.

If you’re still dubious whether to hire a social media VA to your business or not, here are six more tasks an expert on social media can assist you with:

1. Write copy for social media posts and ads

With a great copy complementing an eye-catching photo, you can easily entice people to patronize your products. The right choice of words can get your sales rising faster than the speed of light. That’s why businesses dedicate time and research to create compelling copy for their content and ads.

If you’re not blessed with the gift of words, or if you don’t have the resources to be fully dedicated with writing copy, a social media assistant with copywriting skills can handle this for you. 

2. Find images or edit graphics for content

If you want your target audience to remember your brand better, associating quality pictures with the content you share will get you the retention you desire. 

A social media virtual assistant with a good eye for quality images and design can get you the perfect visual add-ons for your valuable content. With plenty of stock photo websites and the wide variety of achieving the perfect graphics for your content, having a social media VA on your team can save you time and energy from scouring this ocean of possibilities.

3. Manage your blog posts

If you’re still at the point where you can only hire few talents to your team, you can rely on your virtual assistant to handle both your social media and blog management in the meantime.

Usually, social media VAs have a copywriting background, so crafting a blog post for your website won’t be much of a problem. Plus, they’re well-versed with your products and your brand, allowing them to create blog posts in no time. 

It would also be a huge advantage if they have a background with content management platforms like WordPress. That way, they can also handle the posting or scheduling of blog posts for you once they’re approved.

4. Track and monitor mentions and conversations about your brand

To know your audience better on social media, you need to keep track of conversations happening on your platform. Keeping up with any mentions or conversations involving or relevant to your brand helps you produce better content for your audience and shape your strategies to a more customer-centric approach.

There are plenty of handy tools you can use to monitor brand mentions on social media, such as Buzzsumo and Hootsuite’s social mention feature. Your social media virtual assistant can utilize these tools on your behalf to track and analyze conversations happening within your virtual circle, whether positive or negative.

5. Monitor and reply to comments and inquiries

To keep your online audience interested in your brand, you need to keep them engaged. The best way to do so is to keep the conversations alive, whether in the comments section or through direct messages. Doing so makes people feel that you care enough to dedicate time to answer them, and proves that a human is running the gears behind your page.

With a social media assistant, you can easily monitor and reply to comments and inquiries. They can engage with your online audience on your behalf, as long as you set the proper guidelines on how to respond to messages and conversations online while keeping your business’ personality in check. 

6. Setup email campaigns

Integrating email marketing with your social media strategies can help you boost sales and increase your loyal customer base. Fortunately, most social media platforms allow businesses to link their email campaigns to their advertising options on whatever platform of their choice. 

For instance, you can create a Facebook ad to encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, join your contests, or claim a voucher, discount or any freebie in exchange for signing up to your list. 

To empower your email marketing strategies more, make sure to hire a social media VA who’s knowledgeable with email marketing platforms like MailChimp. Having a background with creating newsletters or setting up automated email sequences is also a huge plus. 

Don’t miss the chance to leverage social media for your business. Hire a social media virtual assistant now and enjoy increased sales and strengthened brand image sooner rather than later!

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