What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

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What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant?

To gain traction for your business on social media, you need to spend at least 6 hours a day. That includes creating content for your social channels, engaging with your audience, and keeping up with the trends of your industry and your chosen platform.

For a business owner like you who values every minute s/he spends, this is asking a lot.

But that doesn’t mean all hope is lost for your business and the benefits of social media. Wise businesses, from startups to company giants, choose the smart decision of hiring a social media virtual assistant.

If you want to do the same wise move, this post’s for you! Read on to discover what a social media virtual assistant is and what wonders they can do for your business, social-media wise.

What is a Social Media Virtual Assistant (SoMed VA)?

Think of a personal secretary and you’ll have a picture of what a social media assistant is. The only difference is the kind of specified tasks they can handle for you. A social media assistant focuses more on handling your social media duties. 

One of their main jobs is to analyze people and their behaviors on social media and create strategies based on the insights they’ve gathered. And of course, to build and manage a community for them and your business, which serves the purpose of a social media platform – to connect people.

Aside from that, they’re also adept at tools and software for a better and smoother social media management. 

What Can a Social Media Virtual Assistant Do?

Here are some of the tasks a social media virtual assistant can handle for you:

  • Establish your business’ profile on the best platform(s) for you
  • Research, create, and curate content
  • Keep your engagement rate steady (through comments, quizzes, and surveys)
  • Managing your social media campaigns
  • Gathering reports for your campaigns’ and overall social media performance

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The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant

What benefits can you enjoy by hiring these social media rockstars? Here are some of them:

More free time

Because you have someone to handle your time-consuming social media duties for you, you can now enjoy more time to focus on your business or to enjoy more me-time.

Skip the learning curve

Mastering social media is a rollercoaster.  It requires dedication, one which a business owner like you can’t guarantee to give. But with a social media assistant, you skip this learning curve and instead, take a shortcut to the expert’s way of marketing on social media.

Save more money

You don’t need to suffer the financial burden of trials-and-errors of social media when you have an assistant that already knows what works and what doesn’t. They can also suggest cost-efficient ways to advertise your business on your chosen platform (because the best advertising doesn’t mean spending grand every time).

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Ready to level up your business on social media?

Then waste no more time and get a social media rockstar on your team! Freedom, better sanity, and more growth opportunities await you, so don’t think twice anymore. Hire a dedicated social media virtual assistant for your business by starting here

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