Why Outsource to the Philippines?

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Why Outsource to the Philippines?

Outsourcing has become a major trend worldwide since 1989. As the years go by, this trend has become an embraced idea not only to multi-billion companies but to start-up businesses as well. 

Many of these businesses are also swaying towards offshore outsourcing, with the spending for outsourcing offshore growing into $86.6 billion last 2018. 

And when it comes to the best country for offshore outsourcing, one country is making a noise- the Philippines. The outsourcing industry in the country has grown tremendously that it has bested India as the top outsourcing destination of the world. 

If you’re asking why should I outsource to the Philippines? stick around and we’ll show you why outsourcing in the country is the best decision you could make for your business.

The country has high English Proficiency

The Philippines is known as a nation with a huge population of fluent English speakers. In fact, the 2018 English Proficiency Index has ranked the country in the 14th place out of 88 countries worldwide, and 2nd out of 21 countries in Asia. Add to the 95.6% literacy rate recorded in the country, with around 70% of them fluent in English. 

This high proficiency can be traced to the Philippine education system treating English as an important part of its curriculum. Filipino students are always encouraged to speak English while in school to polish their fluency in English. 

Filipinos have always believed that English is an important skill when entering the workforce, so they see to it that they learn the universal language at the earliest time possible. 

This, in turn, has helped the country become an outsourcing hotspot for businesses around the world, eventually paving the way to surpass India as the top outsourcing destination in the world.

Since English is the universal language, you won’t encounter major barriers in terms of communication. Even if you do, the chances are very minimal.

Cost-efficient outsourcing

The Philippines has become an outsourcing favorite due to the country’s affordable services. But, despite the low pricing, Filipinos ensure they deliver the best of their services to their clients. 

You also won’t need to make investments such as additional office space and equipment and other contributions such as health care plans. The outsourcing company or the outsourced employee usually handles that stuff themselves. 

Not only that, you save up 80% of your time and effort by outsourcing your time-sensitive or time-consuming tasks. You won’t need to cram everything in your schedule since a group of experts will handle it for you.

The Philippines is enjoying a robust economy

Throughout recent years, the government has been investing in more projects to encourage more foreign businesses to invest in the country. They’ve invested in more infrastructure projects such as building roads. They’ve improved the internet usage in the country. They also implemented laws to make investing in the country easier for foreign businesses and investors. 

All these have bore fruit in the growing economy of the Philippines. in 2016, economic growth in the Philippines has grown to 6.8%. Bloomberg has also described the Philippines’ growth as the world’s fastest. This rise in their economy has brought it the title as the “rising tiger of Asia.”

They have a long track of history with the BPO industry

The BPO industry in the country was pioneered by the contact center company Accenture. As the company found more success with their Filipino agents, more BPO companies have followed suit, such as Convergys, JPMorgan, and Skyes.

The outsourcing industry in the country has become a roaring success that even its own government recognizes BPO as a major contributor to the nation’s growing economy.

The difference in time zone is not a problem

Despite the difference in time zones, Filipinos are willing to work on the best time that works for you. They’re willing to work night shifts, and holidays just to accommodate your business’ needs.

They are start-up-friendly

When you outsource to the Philippines, you aren’t required to make an immediate huge investment to hire someone to do tasks for you. With the flexibility of outsourcing options in the country, even startups who are looking to build a solid footing in their industry can outsource here. 

You can choose to hire only 3, 5 or any number of outsourced employees to form your starting virtual team.

The Philippine government is supporting the growth of the country’s outsourcing industry

In order to nurture the largest contributor to the nation’s economic growth, the government has made efforts to support the BPO industry. Most of their notable efforts are:

  • Partnering with universities in the country to formulate BPO-related curriculum to prepare the future generation of BPO employees
  • Developing the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) and funding the institution to provide free call center training for Filipinos across the country
  • Establishing the National Information and Communications Technology

Take your business to the next level with outsourcing

Want to improve your business’ efficiency and be able to expand your business in the long run? Then outsource now to the world’s favorite outsourcing destination! Our team can help you make the most out of your outsourcing investment in the Philippines.


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